Precise (±2cm) Indoor ”GPS”。即時且精準的室內定位 for autonomous robots, drones and VR您有比較過嗎 ? 其他室內定位的裝置如UWB、UWB, Bluetooth beacons, odometry, magnitometers, WiFi RSSI, laser triangulation, optical 等對使用者而言都有共同的缺點,不外乎就是精確度 + 價格昂貴 + 尺寸。Marvelmind一次滿足您的三種需求



商品說明 : 

Precise (±2cm) Indoor ”GPS”。即時且精準的室內定位 for autonomous robots, drones and VR您有比較過嗎 ? 其他室內定位的裝置如UWB、UWB, Bluetooth beacons, odometry, magnitometers, WiFi RSSI, laser triangulation, optical 等對使用者而言都有共同的缺點,不外乎就是精確度 + 價格昂貴 + 尺寸。Marvelmind一次滿足您的三種需求





內容物 :

  • 4 Stationary beacons with standard 50mm antennas
  • 1 Mobile beacon without IMU
  • 1 Modem supporting up to 250 beacons

The Starter Set Super-NIA-3D is based on Super-Beacons.

Super-Beacons are a newer version of Beacons HW v4.9 and superior to them in nearly all aspects:

  • Super-Beacons have sharp DSP filters (like Mini-RX or Industrial-RX). The Super-Beacons are more sensitive and more interference resistant than Beacons HW v4.9 that are based on analogue filters
  • Super-Beacons have improved TX part and power-saving features that allows up to 10x battery lifetime improvement over Beacons HW v4.9 (depending on the settings and update rate)
  • Super-Beacons, like Mini-RX and Industrial-RX, use a single wide-beam microphone for receiving ultrasound, thus making submaps in complex conditions (larger distances, for example, or noisy environment) much easier to build, than that with Beacons HW v4.9, because the microphone is always on and it has a wide reception diagram. Whereas, with Beacons HW v4.9 in those challenging conditions, one would need to turn off some sensors and, generally speaking, taking care about the number of sensors (RX1-RX5) turned on in order to provide proper coverage, on the one hand, and to maintain the right sensitivity on another
  • All Super-Beacons have 6D IMU (3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope)

Super-Beacons are better than Mini-RX and Mini-TX as well:

  • Super-Beacons are dual-use: they can both receive and transmit ultrasound. You can absolutely freely to use them as stationary and as mobile
  • Super-Beacons have external pins (UART, SPI, reset, etc.)
  • Super-Beacons have external antenna for longer radio range and larger maps

Super-Beacons support both IA and NIA. Notice, that the set is purely NIA, i.e. all ultrasonic transducers are on the same frequency 31kHz. But you can purchase additional Super-Beacons on other ultrasonic frequencies (19kHz, 25kHz, 37kHz, 45kHz) and re-use earlier purchased 31kHz Super-Beacons and to build IA systems.


  • 4 Stationary Super-Beacons
  • 1 Mobile Super-Beacon
  • 1 Modem supporting up to 250 beacons

All beacons (stationary and mobile) are equipped with with 6D IMU (3D accelerometer + 3D gyroscope) and standard 50mm antennas. Effectively, you are getting 5 absolutely similar Super-Beacons

The HW of the system supports two bands:

  1. License-free ISM band (915 MHz) for the US and countries in Region 2 (
  2. License-free SRD band (868 MHz) for the EU and other countries: (

We always recommend to check your country’s local regulations.

Marvelmind Indoor Navigation System is off-the-shelf indoor navigation system designed to provide precise (±2cm) location data to autonomous robots, vehicles (AGV), and copters. It can also be used to track other objects with a mobile beacon installed on them, for example, forklifts in warehouses or virtual reality (VR) helmets or helmets for construction workers or miners, etc.

The navigation system is based on stationary ultrasonic beacons united by radio interface in a license-free band (915/868 MHz ). The location of a mobile beacon is calculated based on the propagation delay of an ultrasonic signal (Time-Of-Flight or TOF) to a set of stationary ultrasonic beacons using trilateration. No manual calibration is required. No need to know exact locations of the beacons – the system builds the map of beacons automatically.

The set contains a mobile beacon with IMU that gives a possibility for ultrasonic + IMU (3D accelerometer + 3D gyro) fusion. That allows much faster update rate – up to 100Hz and above.

系統正常運作的主要條件 : 

  • For 3D (X, Y, Z) tracking – An unobstructed sight by a mobile beacon of three or more stationary beacons simultaneously
  • For 2D (X, Y) tracking – An unobstructed sight by a mobile beacon of two stationary or more stationary beacons simultaneously
  • Distance to the nearest 2 or 3 beacons – not more than 30 meters (recommended). In ideal conditions – up to 50 meters

技術規格 : 

Technical Details

Distance between beacons

  • Reach up to 50 meters in lab conditions (Transducer4 to microphone looking straight at each other)
  • Recommended distance is 30 meters (Transducer4 to microphone looking straight at each other)

Coverage area

  • Reach up to 1000 m2 with the Starter Set configurations
  • Coverage for larger territories is similar to cellular networks

Location precision

  • Absolute: 1–3% of the distance to the beacons
  • Differential precision: ±2 cm

Location update rate

  • 0.05–25Hz
  • Can be set manually
  • Depends on the distance between the mobile and stationary beacons (shorter distance — higher update rate)
  • Depends on the number of mobile beacons: for example, update rate of 25Hz for 1 mobile beacon will result in update rate of 25Hz/2 for 2 mobile beacons, and 25Hz/3 – for 3 mobile beacons, etc
  • Depends on the radio interface profile (500kbps vs. 38kbps)
  • Slightly depends on the number of stationary beacons—different than for mobile beacons

Power supply


  • LiPol battery 1000mAh
  • Battery lifetime depends on many parameters. Mostly:
    1. Mode  – transmitting or receiving
    2. Location update rate – faster update rate – nearly, proportionally shorter battery life-time)
    3. Radio profile – 500kbps better than 38kbps, because shorter
    4. Submap size or limitation of distance – shorter distance => longer battery life-time
  • Examples:
    • Receiving beacon 8Hz update rate and 10m submaps => up to 65h (tested)
    • Transmitting beacon 8Hz update rate => up to 130h (tested)
    • Receiving beacon 1/10Hz update rate and 10m submaps => more than 500h (tested)
    • Transmitting beacon 1/10Hz update rate => more than 500h (tested)


  • microUSB – recommended for permanent use


Mobile beacon from Starter Set:

  • 59 grams (including battery 1000mAh and housing and antenna 50mm)
  • 27 grams (bare board w/o battery)

Beacon size

  • 55x55x33 mm (with 50mm antenna: 55x55x65mm)


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