英國著名的四足機器狗 (Boston Dynamics)開源網站 OpenDog 所推薦的高功率無刷伺服馬達驅動器,具有速度、位置、扭力(電流)控制三種模式。提供完整與豐富的Arduino或ROS開發案例。



商品說明 : 

英國著名的四足機器狗 (Boston Dynamics)開源網站 OpenDog 所推薦的高功率無刷伺服馬達驅動器,具有速度、位置、扭力(電流)控制三種模式。提供完整與豐富的Arduino或ROS開發案例。

DC power voltage input range:

  • 24V version: 12V to 24V.
  • 56V version: 12V to 56V.

A board without connectors looks like the last picture, which makes it easier to fit into small enclosures and apply custom cooling, but you must solder your own connectors or directly to the board.

Starting from this version, the firmware comes already flashed on the board. You can install firmware upgrades over USB from a PC. This board is hardware-ready for all of the features listed on the features page. Currently the firmware supports the following:

  • Position, Velocity, and Current control modes.
  • Automatic identification of motor parameters (Inductance, Resistance).
  • Realtime USB communication (>4000 floats/sec) to Python host program, which you can interface to your own application.
  • Live-plotting of many variables, including position, speed, current, control effort: extensible to expose your own variables.
  • UART communication with an easy to use Arduino Library.
  • Step/Direction input, for replacing stepper motor drivers.
  • Trajectory generation and tracking.
  • Hall effect sensored motors (instead of encoder).
  • PWM input.
  • Encoders with Index pulse.
  • USB Bootloader.

Features that will become available with free firmware upgrades:

  • Absolute encoders.
  • Commands over CAN.
  • Automatic identification of mechanical system parameters and tuning of position and velocity feedback gains.

This listing Includes the ODrive v3.6 board, a power resistor (for brake energy dissipation), a USB cable, heatsinks, and some nylon standoffs. The pictures show older versions, but you will receive a v3.6.

Getting started guide Is available here, and the ODrive forums are also available, for posting support queries, showing off your project, and connecting with the rest of the community.






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